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Virtual Health Coaching

Your health is more than just what you eat or how often you exercise. Experience a new approach to health featuring whole-person wellbeing practices that treat you as a person, not a list of symptoms.


Individual Health Coaching


Check in when it's best for you with single-session appointment options. Meet one-on-one with a board-certified health coach on a flexible, convenient schedule.

Small Group Health Coaching


Participate in a small group cohort centered on specific health topics. Cohorts of 8-12 participants are led by a board-certified health coach through a 12-week meeting series.

Health Coaching Subscriptions


Establish a deeper relationship with a board-certified coach through consistent monthly sessions. Explore barriers that may be preventing you from living a fuller life.




Wellbeing is personal, and each person is unique.


For some, self-directed health and fitness work well. Others respond better to personal guidance and support.


Our new approach — rooted in integrative health and whole-person wellbeing practices — gives you another option for healthy living at the Y.


Instead of a "one size fits all" program, our board-certified practitioners help you plan and navigate your personal wellbeing journey. By combining virtual small group health coaching with in-person options for deeper engagement, our George Wellbeing programs can help you become a better you.


Open to all – YMCA membership is not required. 


Our new and evolving George Wellbeing programs and services are available to everyone!


Adults exercising outdoors

Whole-Person Practices


Wellbeing recognizes spirit, mind, body, community, and environment all impact our wellbeing.

Small Group Cohorts


Built-in community support to help you create healthy habits and reinforce progress.

Health Coaching


Personal guidance from a board-certified health coach through a simple digital experience.


We're busy creating and curating a new library of digital wellbeing content, including personal tips, meditations, yoga classes, and much more. Here are a few samples. 

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If you are interested in other wellbeing programs, the George Wellbeing Center in downtown Minneapolis provides a range of whole-person services.


Massage and Bodywork


Soothe tired muscles, reduce stress, and release tension for a multisensory experience with table massage, Reiki, and hydromassage options.



This Traditional Chinese Medicine technique helps to rebalance energy, address inflammation, and relieve pain and discomfort.

Mindfulness and Meditation


Find inner peace by enhancing self-awareness, improving emotional regulation, and reducing anxiety and depression.