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Explore What's Next in Wellbeing


Join us for an open house October 4, 11:00AM-1:00PM at the Midway YMCA to discover the future of wellbeing at the Y. Try out group acupuncture, create your own herb pot, experience a reiki sound meditation, and more!


This event is free and open to the public, we just ask that you please register in advance.




Self-care for all.


Each day is full of choices. While this freedom to make each day your own can be empowering, we recognize it can also be overwhelming, especially when we fixate on making the "right" choices. 


At the Y, we believe each person is unique, and your self-care should be personalized to match. That's why we have launched a new range of wellbeing services, designed to guide and support you as you embark on, or continue, your unique wellbeing journey.



Sun-dappled black woman meditating with eyes closed



Event Overview

Our Wellbeing Open House has been curated to reflect the experiences within our new programs and services. See full details.


     Station 1. Nourish: Teatime

     Station 2. Nourish: Gardening 

     Station 3. Connect: Health Coaching and Wellbeing Assessments 

     Station 4. Reflect: Virtual Wellbeing Demo and Wellbeing Tip Videos Playlist

     Station 5. Move: Mindful Movement/Yoga Activities 

     Station 6. Restore: Sound Relaxation Meditation with Reiki

     Station 7. Move: Personal Training/Fitness Membership/Foreverwell 

     Station 8. Restore: Community Acupuncture   

     Station 9. Connect: Y Adventure


Participants will be invited to share their opinions about the experience through a brief survey that will be sent via email after the event.



Our Philosophy

Whole-person wellbeing encompasses five key areas of health. Creating harmony between all five is the goal of our programs and services.



Foster a healthy relationship with the food that fuels our bodies.


Maintain mobility through balance and flexibility, while keeping joints and muscles strong.


Look inward to cultivate resilience in our mental & emotional wellbeing.


Pink lotus floated on dark pond.

Heal the body and mind through rest - which includes more than just sleep.


Group smiling and discussing their health in a meeting room.

Strengthen relationships with others to build support systems.

Virtual Health Coaching

Experience a new approach to health featuring whole-person wellbeing practices that treat you as a person, not a list of symptoms.


This Traditional Chinese Medicine technique helps to rebalance energy, address inflammation, and relieve pain and discomfort.

Massage & Bodywork

Soothe tired muscles, reduce stress, and release tension for a multisensory experience with table massage, Reiki, and hydromassage options.